Love has a way of bringing two souls together in the most unexpected ways, and Sarah and Andy's wedding day was a true testament to the power of their connection. We had the pleasure of meeting this amazing couple during their engagement session at Port Stanley, and from that moment, we knew their wedding day would be extraordinary. Their love story began on a dating app, but it was their in-person meeting at Springbank Park that sparked a deep connection. A heartfelt COVID proposal set the stage for their beautiful journey to their wedding day, filled with love, family, and captivating dances. Join us as we dive into the remarkable moments of Sarah and Andy's wedding day, captured through our lenses.

Sarah and Andy's proposal story perfectly encapsulates the unique challenges of the COVID era. With just the two of them at home, they shared an intimate moment that would forever change their lives. It was a testament to their resilience and commitment, proving that love prevails even in the face of adversity. Their proposal marked the beginning of a beautiful journey to their wedding day, where their love would be celebrated by their loved ones.

Sarah and Andy's wedding day commenced at the Park Station Hotel in London, where Sarah prepared for her special day surrounded by her bridesmaids. The morning was filled with excitement and anticipation as they transformed into radiant bridesmaids. Once everyone was ready, they made their way to the picturesque Century Wedding Barn in Denfield for the ceremony and reception. Witness the touching moments as Sarah's parents proudly walk her down the aisle, symbolizing their unwavering support and love. And as Andy's children embrace Sarah as a cherished member of their family, they perform a heartfelt sand ceremony, uniting their love and creating lasting memories.

The real party began once the dance floor opened, and Sarah's talent as a professional dancer shone through. She taught her husband and her father dances for their first dance, creating truly magical and unforgettable moments. These dances were a testament to the love and dedication that Sarah and Andy shared, showcasing their unity and joy as they embarked on their journey together. Witness these captivating dances and relish in the joyous celebration of their love.

Don't miss the opportunity to watch Sarah and Andy's captivating highlight video, where their love story unfolds before your eyes. From the intimate moments shared during the ceremony to the enchanting dances and heartfelt speeches, every detail is meticulously captured, allowing you to relive the joy and emotion of their wedding day. Additionally, explore their stunning photo gallery, filled with highlights that encapsulate the beauty and happiness of their special day.

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Venue Century Wedding Barn | Dress Ballett's Bridal | Officiant @All Seasons Wedding Officiants | Hair & Makeup Selah Vie Beauty | Florist Sugar Bloom Floral | DJ Orlando Valencia

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