Love knows no bounds, and when it comes to Amy and Curtis, their wedding day was a true testament to the power of love, family, and cherished connections. Set amidst the picturesque Warwick Conservation Area, their wedding day was filled with heartfelt moments, stunning scenery, and the infectious joy of their beautiful baby girl, Nova. As we delve into their special day, we invite you to experience the magic that unfolded and witness Nova's heartwarming dance with her adoring father.

The day began with an abundance of excitement and love as I joined Amy and her family during the preparations. The presence of their beautiful baby girl, Nova, added an extra layer of joy and significance to the occasion. Capturing Nova's infectious giggles and the tender moments shared between Amy, Curtis, and their little one was a true privilege. The morning was a reflection of the deep connections and unconditional love that set the foundation for their special day.

Warwick Conservation Area provided the perfect backdrop for Amy and Curtis' heartfelt ceremony. Surrounded by the natural beauty of the area and their families' trailers, the location held a deep personal significance. As we explored the enchanting surroundings to capture precious moments, Nova's presence added an extra dose of cuteness and magic to each frame. Witnessing Nova dance with her doting father was an unforgettable moment that perfectly encapsulated the joy and love shared by their beautiful family.

As their dedicated photographer and videographer, I had the honor of capturing every cherished moment of Amy and Curtis' wedding day. From the tender glances exchanged between the couple to the laughter-filled interactions with their loved ones, every detail was meticulously documented to create lasting memories. The highlight video showcases the love and happiness that radiated throughout the day, with a heartwarming focus on Nova's adorable dance with her daddy. Be sure to watch the video to experience the magic firsthand.

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Dress: David's Bridal | Venue Warwick Conservation Area

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