I'm Brieanna Mann

My passion for videography and photography started at a young age. I was the kid with the camera having all your friends over to do photoshoots and making those cringy music videos. In highschool I spent 90% of my time in the communication computer lab working on more videos learning Premiere Pro. Every Time you went to render the computer would crash. We had some pretty terrible computers back then!

After spending many hours/years trying out different programs in college I finally landed where I truly belonged. I attended Fanshawe College for Television Broadcasting. There, I furthered my passion for video editing and camera operation. After graduation I move to Toronto and started working at a Digital Marketing Agency where I had my hand in a little bit of everything from video editing, development and project management. 3 years later i’ve moved back to London continuing my work with the agency while starting my own Photography & Videography company!

My main goal is to capture what the day felt like. I enjoy capturing those candid moments. I love sitting down and getting lost in a video project. My dream is to work on a documentary traveling across the world and live somewhere warm! I am NOT a fan of Canadian winters.