Welcome to the extraordinary love story of Jessica and Toby, a couple whose bond was strengthened by their resilience and unwavering love. As their chosen photographers, we had the honor of capturing the deeply emotional moments of their wedding day. Join us as we reflect on their heartfelt ceremony at St. Mary's Parish, the cherished family photos at Springbank Park, and the poignant tribute to their angel baby.

Jessica and Toby's wedding ceremony at St. Mary's Parish was a testament to their enduring love. As they exchanged vows in the presence of their loved ones, the atmosphere was charged with emotions. Our cameras discreetly captured every heartfelt moment, preserving the joy, tears, and overwhelming happiness that filled the air.

Following the ceremony, we ventured to Springbank Park to capture timeless family photos and celebrate the union of two families. As the gentle breeze rustled through the trees, the radiant smiles and loving embraces of the couple's loved ones painted a vivid picture of support and togetherness. It was a remarkable sight to witness the coming together of two families and the bonds that were solidified on this momentous day.

Jessica and Toby wanted to honor the memory of their angel baby, who had passed away a few months prior to their wedding. In a touching and heartfelt gesture, we guided them to the Commemorative Trees in Springbank Park, creating a serene setting to capture tender moments with their angel baby in their hearts. These poignant photos serve as a reminder of the unbreakable bond they share as a family, even in the face of loss.

As photographers, it was both a privilege and a responsibility to capture the range of emotions that unfolded throughout the day. From tears of joy to moments of quiet reflection, we strived to document every heartfelt interaction and genuine connection. Jessica and Toby's resilience and unwavering love served as an inspiration to all present, reminding us of the strength found in love and the power of cherished memories.

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Church: St. Mary's Parish | Florist Jim Anderson Flowers | Makeup Nicole Dupuis Makeup Artistry | Dress Shein

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