Love has a way of touching our hearts and leaving a lasting impression. Cori and Dave's wedding day on June 10, 2023, was a true testament to the power of love. From the intimate and emotional ceremony at the Polish Hall in Sarnia to the heartfelt inclusion of Cori's children, every moment was filled with love, laughter, and tears of joy. Join us as we delve into the details of their special day, including the unforgettable family photos, breathtaking sunset portraits, and the genuine bond shared over moments of fun and indulgence. 

Cori and Dave's wedding ceremony was a heartfelt affair that touched the souls of everyone present. Luke Davidson, the officiant, skillfully crafted a ceremony that revolved around the couple while including Cori's children, highlighting the importance of their union as a family. The love between Cori and Dave was palpable, creating an atmosphere of warmth and connection that moved everyone to tears.

The Polish Hall in Sarnia provided a charming and intimate setting for Cori and Dave's ceremony and reception. The venue's rustic charm added to the overall ambiance of the day, creating a space where love and celebration flourished. From the exchange of vows to the lively reception, the Polish Hall provided the perfect backdrop for a day filled with love, laughter, and cherished memories.

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Hair: Salon 9 one 4 | Officiant: Luke Davidson Officiant | Dress: Sew Retro Alterations | Venue - Polish hall Sarnia

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