Alicia and Ryan's love story, kindled on Bumble and celebrated with a Cuba trip, reached its pinnacle on October 6th, 2023, at the Ivy Spencer Leadership Center. This enchanting wedding had a proposal story that could rival any romantic movie.

The Proposal: A Halftime Surprise:

Amidst friends, family, and the electrifying halftime show of J Lo and Shakira, Ryan orchestrated a memorable proposal. With their song, "Forever's Gotta Start Somewhere" by Chad Brownlee, playing, the bathroom break turned into a magical moment. As Alicia returned, Ryan, amidst gasps from their loved ones, got down on one knee, making the halftime show the perfect prelude to their forever.

Ivy Spencer Leadership Center: A Breathtaking Backdrop:

The Ivy Spencer Leadership Center provided a picturesque setting for this remarkable wedding. The day commenced with emotional first looks – first with Alicia's dad and then with the groom. Capturing these intimate moments was a privilege, setting the tone for a day filled with love.

Bridal Party Bliss:

The bridal party, a group of supportive and loving individuals, joined the couple for pre-ceremony photos. Their camaraderie added a special touch to the day, ensuring Alicia and Ryan had a support system right by their side.

Outdoor Ceremony Elegance:

Against the stunning backdrop of a grand staircase, Alicia and Ryan exchanged vows in a beautiful outdoor ceremony. The weather blessed them, making the day even more special.

Reception: Dinner, Speeches, and Magical Moments:

Transitioning indoors for the reception around 5 pm, the evening unfolded with grand entrances, heartfelt speeches, and a confirmation of Alicia and Ryan's extraordinary bond. The speeches highlighted the couple's magic and their destiny to be together.

Nighttime Magic:

As the sun set, the couple took a break for some enchanting nighttime shots, creating magical memories before the first dances and the cake cutting.

Alicia and Ryan's wedding at the Ivy Spencer Leadership Center was not just an event; it was a celebration of love, friendship, and destiny. Capturing each moment was an honor, and I look forward to witnessing this incredible couple's journey unfold.

Vendors of this wedding:

DJ - Butlers Slam Audio | Florist - Backroom Bloom Co. | Hair & Makeup - Tomorrows Beauty | Officiant - Weddings by April Campbell | Venue - Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre | Dress - Sophies Bridal | Dessert - lvsweets

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