There are weddings, and then there are weddings like Holly and Michael's. I had the immense privilege of capturing their special day, and let me tell you, it was a celebration to remember. From the breathtaking venue to the heartwarming moments, their wedding was nothing short of magical.

St. Mary's Golf and Country Club, the backdrop for their day, is a stunning venue that added an extra layer of elegance to the occasion. The best part? Holly and Michael chose to have both their ceremony and reception at this wonderful place, ensuring an unforgettable experience for their guests.

The day started with a quick but beautiful ceremony. Following this, we ventured onto the golf course for some couple photos. This was not only a great opportunity to capture the couple's love in the picturesque setting but also allowed them to relish those special post-ceremony moments. Instead of jumping right into family photos, they took a little breather. It's a thoughtful touch that I'll definitely be recommending to future brides.

Upon returning, the couple, along with their lively wedding party, made a grand entrance. The bridal party formed a tunnel for Holly and Michael to run through, adding a fun and energetic vibe to the reception. But the surprises didn't end there. The couple's choreographed first dance wowed everyone, and then came the reception photo challenge. In a whirlwind of excitement, they raced around getting photos with every table within a single song. It was organized chaos and so much fun. If you haven't seen the reel, you should definitely check it out!

Following dinner and heartfelt speeches, Holly and Michael decided on a sparkler exit. Timing was key, and they chose to do it as dusk settled, ensuring high-quality photos and videos. Plus, as any seasoned wedding-goer knows, sparklers and alcohol don't mix. Better to do it earlier in the evening than as you're leaving for the night.

After the sparkler exit, everyone moved inside to kick off the dance floor festivities. However, the couple had one more private celebration up their sleeves. They snuck away with only me, the photographer, and shared a quiet, intimate first dance. It was a beautiful way for them to steal some alone time and truly savor the day.

As the night wound down, the dance floor came alive with the energy of their guests. Holly and Michael's wedding was a testament to love, laughter, and pure celebration. It was a night to remember, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it. These two surely know how to party, and their love-filled day was one for the books.