We are thrilled to have the opportunity to work with you and your newest family member. Here is some essential information to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for your upcoming newborn photo session:

Ideal Age for Newborns:

  • We love to photograph newborns when they are 5-21 days old. However, if your baby is slightly older, that's perfectly fine. For planned C-sections, we can pre-book based on that date. For natural births, we can tentatively set a date or book once the baby arrives. Please contact us within 24-48 hours after birth to ensure availability.

Arrival and Payment:

  • Your newborn session will last approximately 1.5-2 hours, so please arrive on time and ready for the shoot.
  • If you haven't paid yet, have your payment ready when you arrive. We accept cash and e-transfers.

During the Session:

  • Newborn sessions are typically held in my home studio, unless we've discussed an alternative location.
  • While I may ask for your assistance with certain poses, it's best for me to handle your baby during the session. This allows you to relax and helps your baby get used to being moved and posed.
  • We'll take breaks as needed for feeding, comforting, and cuddling to ensure your baby's comfort.
  • If your session is in the afternoon or early evening, try to keep your baby awake during the day to encourage sleepiness during the session. If a feeding is due, feed 75% before the session and save the remainder for when I arrive.

Photos with Family and Siblings:

  • If you'd like photos with you or older siblings and the baby, please inform me in advance. We will start with these photos and then focus on the baby alone.
  • If possible, it's smoother to have older siblings leave after their part of the session is completed. They may become restless watching their baby brother or sister get their photos taken. If no one is available to watch them, have toys to keep them distracted.

Clothing for Family:

  • For moms, consider wearing a tank top, tube top, or camisole in black or white/nude/beige colors, along with matching pants or a skirt (jeans are fine too). Avoid prints.
  • Dads can wear a plain white, grey, or black t-shirt or opt for skin-to-skin contact with the baby.
  • For siblings, bring a white, grey, or black t-shirt for their individual photos with the baby. Ensure all outfits are ironed.
  • Have spare shirts for both parents, as newborns may have accidents, and I'll also have spare blankets on hand.


  • Please bring a pacifier as it can help soothe and settle the baby. I'll remove it before taking photos. If you forget, I have Gumdrop pacifiers available.

My Supplies:

  • I have all the necessary supplies for the session, including newborn hats, headbands, backdrop fabric, props, blankets, wraps, and photography equipment.
  • If you have specific hats, blankets, or other items you'd like to include in the photos, feel free to bring them.

The Session:

  • Newborn sessions typically last 1.5-2 hours, but please allow 2-3 hours in case additional time is needed. Avoid scheduling other commitments during this time.
  • We work around your baby's schedule, and the session may involve feeding, soothing, diaper changes, and breaks to keep your baby comfortable and content.

After the Session:

  • You'll receive 3-5 sneak peek images within 48 hours.
  • The rest of the photos will be available within 2 weeks and will be delivered in an online gallery.

We look forward to our session and capturing beautiful memories of your newborn. See you soon!