Step into the tranquil world of Rachel and Devon's wedding day as we recount their heartfelt celebration. On September 19, 2020, Lakeside Resort became the picturesque backdrop for their intimate ceremony, where their love bloomed amidst the serene beauty of the lake. Join us as we share the precious memories and the innovative way they included their loved ones who couldn't attend in person.

Our day began by capturing the anticipation and excitement as Rachel prepared for her special day at their home. We documented the tender moments and the loving support she received from her family and close friends. These behind-the-scenes glimpses offer a glimpse into the emotions that set the tone for the day's celebrations.

At Lakeside Resort, Rachel and Devon exchanged their heartfelt vows in a truly intimate setting. The tranquil lake provided a serene backdrop as their love story unfolded. Surrounded by their closest friends and family, they shared their promises of love, creating a sacred moment that will be treasured forever.

Due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, Rachel and Devon had to adjust their wedding plans. However, their love prevailed, and they found a way to include their loved ones who couldn't physically attend. Through a carefully arranged live stream, their friends and family were able to witness the joyous ceremony from afar, sharing in the couple's love and happiness.

While the lack of a traditional reception may have altered their plans, Rachel and Devon's intimate wedding held a special charm of its own. The focus shifted to the genuine connections and the heartfelt moments shared between the couple and their loved ones. Our videography team had the privilege of capturing these intimate interactions, ensuring that the essence of their celebration would be forever preserved.

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Venue: Lakeside Resort | Photographer: Jorge Polio Photography |  DJ: @djschwartzentrubers | Wedding Planner: Unmistakably You | Florist: Time 4 Flowers | Makeup: Samantha Blatnicky | Hair: beautiful you hair by sarah | Dress: Knot Too Shabby Bridal Boutique

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