Love stories often begin in unexpected places, and Mary and Brady's journey is a testament to that. From their chance encounter at work 11 years ago to a breathtaking proposal atop Mary's Lookout mountain in BC, their love has grown and flourished over time. Their wedding day was a celebration of their journey, surrounded by loved ones and marked by heartfelt moments. Join us as we delve into the magic of Mary and Brady's union, from their beautiful ceremony at the Rose Chapel to the joyous celebration at Best Western Stoneridge Inn.

Mary and Brady's story began 11 years ago when they crossed paths at work. Little did they know that this chance encounter would shape their lives forever. Fast forward to a trip to British Columbia, where Brady took Mary on a hike to the top of a mountain named Mary's Lookout. It was there, amidst the breathtaking scenery, that Brady asked Mary to be his partner for life. The proposal was a beautiful testament to their love and the adventures they share.

On their wedding day, Mary and Brady exchanged vows at the enchanting Rose Chapel. Surrounded by the love and support of their family and friends, they embarked on their journey as a married couple. The chapel provided a picturesque backdrop, adding an air of romance and intimacy to their ceremony. Every word spoken, every tear shed, and every heartfelt smile was a testament to their love and commitment to each other.

Following the ceremony, the celebration continued at Best Western Stoneridge Inn, where Mary and Brady, along with their loved ones, gathered to toast their love. The venue provided a warm and inviting atmosphere, creating the perfect setting for a night of joyous festivities. Surrounded by their nearest and dearest, the couple celebrated their union, creating memories that would last a lifetime.