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Love is resilient, and Karen and Terry's love story is a testament to that. After a small backyard wedding in 2020, they finally had their dream wedding at the magnificent Elm Hurst Inn and Spa. Their journey has been filled with laughter, joy, and a funny story that adds a unique touch to their celebration. Join us as we immerse ourselves in the love and happiness of Karen and Terry's long-awaited wedding day, capturing both heartfelt moments and unforgettable laughter.

The picturesque Elm Hurst Inn and Spa provided the perfect backdrop for Karen and Terry's dream wedding. Surrounded by loved ones, they exchanged vows and celebrated their love in a setting that embodied beauty and romance. Laughter filled the air, as the couple reveled in their long-awaited celebration, cherishing every moment with their family and friends.

Our videography team had the privilege of capturing the love and excitement that permeated Karen and Terry's wedding day. From the tender moments shared between the couple to the infectious laughter of their guests, every detail was skillfully documented. However, the day also included a humorous twist when the groom realized he had forgotten the rings. The ceremony momentarily paused as everyone shared a lighthearted moment, and fortunately, the rings were found nearby. This unexpected mishap became a memorable part of their wedding day, adding a touch of laughter and uniqueness to their love story.

Karen and Terry's love story is a testament to resilience, perseverance, and the ability to find humor in unexpected situations. Despite the momentary hiccup during the ceremonies, their love prevailed, and the laughter that ensued became an integral part of their wedding day memories. Their journey showcases the beauty of embracing both the heartfelt and humorous moments that life brings.

Vendors from this wedding: 

Photographer Terry Richards Photography |  DJ L.O.V.E Wedding & Music Services | Officiant Someone2MarryU Wedding- Clive  | Venue The Elmhurst Inn | Dress Garber's Bridal

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