July has been a whirlwind of love, joy, and cherished memories at BMann Studios. we've had the privilege of capturing some truly magical moments for our incredible clients. From weddings to newborn sessions and milestone celebrations, every experience has been heartwarming and unforgettable. Let's take a glimpse into the wonderful sessions that made July truly special.

Erika & Tim's Unforgettable Wedding

The month kicked off with a beautiful wedding at Byron United Church. Erika and Tim exchanged vows in a heartwarming ceremony, and we were honored to be a part of their special day. After the ceremony, we moved on to Bellamere for an enchanting reception. Despite the rain, we managed to capture stunning bridal portraits at Bellamere, creating timeless memories for the couple.

Olivia's Journey of Strength and Love

Our first newborn session featured little Miss Olivia, who was born six weeks early and spent the first five weeks of her life in the NICU. Witnessing her strength and capturing her precious photos for her family, who also happen to be our cousins, filled our hearts with joy.

Meeting Miss Lydia: A Moment of Bliss

Next, we traveled out of town to meet Miss Lydia, an absolute angel during her session. Sleeping peacefully throughout, she made our job a breeze. Her parents were over the moon with happiness, and we couldn't be more thrilled for them.

Miss Elliott: A Sweet Sibling Moment

For our third newborn session, we returned to a longtime client's home to meet Miss Elliott, a beautiful baby girl with a unique name. Her older brother, a charming two-year-old, wanted to be part of the photos, as long as his cookie could be included too. Capturing the love and laughter between siblings was a heartwarming experience.

Mr. Hendricks: A Playful Family Session

For our Forth and final newborn session of July we headed over to a new clients house to meet their beautiful little family. Big Brother was just about to celebrate his 2nd birthday and one of his presents found their way into the photos! Can you spot them....

Celebrating Milestones and Graduations

July wasn't just about newborns and weddings; we also captured important milestones and celebrated graduations.

Beach Graduation Session for My Niece

We had the pleasure of photographing our beautiful niece's kindergarten graduation at the beach. Despite the scorching heat, we managed to create timeless images to commemorate her milestone. The day ended with a joyful celebration at Wendy's, creating memories that will last a lifetime

Adorable Cake Smash Sessions

July was also filled with two adorable cake smash sessions.

"You Are My Sunshine" with Miss Kiera

Miss Kiera, whom we met during a family photoshoot last fall, turned one! Her cake smash session with a "You Are My Sunshine" theme was utterly adorable, capturing her joy and innocence.

Lyncoln's "Wild One" Birthday Bash

We've been privileged to watch little Lyncoln grow, capturing his newborn, Christmas, and six-month sessions. Now, it was time for his first birthday celebration! The "Wild One" theme was perfect for this energetic little boy, and his mom's cake creation stole the show.

July Weddings: Love in Full Bloom

We concluded the month with two splendid weddings: Alison & Tom's and Denyra & Nate's. The love, laughter, and cherished moments at these weddings will surely warm your hearts when we reveal the footage soon.

What's Next? Cruise Wedding on the Horizon!

As we bid farewell to July, we're already excited about what August holds for us at BMann Studios. There might even be a cruise wedding on the horizon, promising new adventures and love stories to capture.

Thank you to all our clients for entrusting us with your precious moments. We're honored to be a part of your journeys and can't wait to see what the future holds. Stay tuned for more heartwarming stories, beautiful photographs, and cherished memories from BMann Studios!