Love has a way of finding us when we least expect it, and Jess and Aaron's love story is a beautiful testament to that. Their journey began at a bonfire, introduced by mutual friends who saw the sparks between them. Their love grew over the years, leading to a surprise proposal during a simple game of fetch with their beloved dog. Their wedding day was a celebration of their love, held at the enchanting Prim Peony Event Co, with their precious baby boy by their side. Join us as we uncover the magic of Jess and Aaron's wedding day, filled with heartfelt moments, breathtaking photos, and a joyous reception.

On a casual day at the fairgrounds near their home, Jess and Aaron decided to play fetch with their dog. Little did Jess know that this seemingly ordinary moment would turn into a life-changing one. As she turned around after throwing the ball, Aaron was on one knee, ready to ask the question she had been waiting for. It was just days before their three-year anniversary, and the surprise and excitement in Jess's heart were immeasurable.

Jess and Aaron exchanged vows at the picturesque Prim Peony Event Co, surrounded by the beauty of nature and their loved ones. Their precious baby boy added an extra layer of joy and warmth to the occasion, symbolizing the love and commitment of their growing family. The venue served as a perfect backdrop for their love story, capturing their radiant smiles and heartfelt emotions.

As wedding videographers, we had the privilege of capturing every precious moment of Jess and Aaron's wedding day. From the intimate ceremony to the breathtaking photos taken around the property, no detail was overlooked. The beauty of Prim Peony Event Co provided the perfect setting to immortalize their love story. Through our videography, Jess and Aaron can relive the magic and emotions of their special day, sharing their cherished memories with their loved ones for years to come.

The couple's reception took place outdoors, creating a magical ambiance despite the slight chill in the air. The venue's heaters provided comfort and warmth as family and friends gathered to celebrate Jess and Aaron's union. Heartfelt speeches filled the air, paying tribute to their love, journey, and the bright future ahead. The evening was filled with laughter, love, and the joy of coming together to celebrate their extraordinary love story.

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