We're excited to have you on board for our upcoming Holiday Mini Sessions! As the festive season approaches, we're here to guide you on what to expect and how to prepare for your upcoming session.

Setting the Scene

Each of our four holiday mini sessions offers a unique and enchanting backdrop for your family photos. Here's a quick rundown:

  • Night Before Session (November 4th): Picture a cozy bed where your entire family can sit. This session is perfect for creating a warm and intimate atmosphere. And this year, it's pet-friendly, so your furry family members can join in the fun!
  • Tree Farm Minis (November 5th): Nestled amidst the beauty of trees, this outdoor session has a tradition of being blessed with snow. While we can't predict the weather, you can count on a heartwarming experience. Don't forget to explore the charming shop at the back of the farm.
  • White Christmas (November 25th): Our session at Soho Haus in London promises warm and cozy vibes. We'll provide some props to enhance the ambiance, but feel free to bring anything to make your session uniquely yours.
  • Green Christmas (November 26th): Imagine a vintage green couch and chair surrounded by Christmas trees adorned with elegant white accents. This session exudes warmth and coziness and offers countless possibilities for personalized moments.

Spotting Your Photographer: If you are signed up for our Tree Farm Minis, this location may have several photographers running around, I'll stand out with my distinct purple hair! For reference, you can also check out a photo of me so you'll know exactly who you're looking for.

Booking and Payment

Before your session, please ensure the remaining session fee is paid conveniently through our booking website. Arrive on time and be ready to start your session promptly.

Dressing for Success

When it comes to outfit choices, consider complementary color palettes with one or two patterns. Avoid being overly matchy; aim for a cohesive look. And if you're feeling the festive spirit, matching PJs are always a great choice for holiday photos!

  • For outdoor sessions, remember we won't have time for an outfit change during the 20-minute session. You can wear a sweater or jacket for a few shots and then remove it to create the illusion of a second outfit.
  • For indoor sessions, if you wish to bring a quick change, you're welcome to do so, but remember our sessions are just 20 minutes.

Photography Style

Our style combines posed shots and candid moments to capture your family's natural essence. We'll provide guidance when needed but encourage genuine interactions among family members. Our goal is to capture real smiles and authentic moments.

Enjoyment and Fun

Our primary goal is for you and your family to enjoy the session and have fun. Relaxed and happy families make for the most beautiful photographs. So, come prepared to enjoy yourselves!

Sneak Peek and Photo Delivery

Within two days after your session, you'll receive a sneak peek of 3-5 images to get a glimpse of the magic we captured. The rest of your photos will be available within 2 weeks and will be delivered to you through a convenient online gallery.

We're eagerly anticipating our session together and the opportunity to capture precious moments with your family. If you have any questions or need further guidance, feel free to reach out to us.