Love has a way of bringing people together in the most unexpected and charming ways. Brooke and Eric's love story began at a lively buck-n-doe event, and their journey led them to a proposal that was equal parts surprising and humorous—an intimate moment in the kitchen on their dairy farm, despite Eric being covered in manure. Their wedding day was a celebration of their enduring love, held at the picturesque Moorhouse Estates. Join us as we dive into their remarkable wedding highlight video, capturing the essence of their special day.

Set amidst the beauty of Moorhouse Estates, Brooke and Eric's wedding ceremony was a breathtaking affair. The air was filled with anticipation as Brooke, admittedly nervous, eagerly awaited the moment she would be united with Eric. The ceremony itself was short and sweet, highlighting their deep connection and their desire to finally become husband and wife. The picturesque backdrop of Moorhouse Estates added an enchanting touch to this magical union.

Following the ceremony, Brooke and Eric embarked on a journey across the Moorhouse Estates property, capturing beautiful photos that reflect their love and joy. From intimate shots amidst the scenic landscapes to playful moments that showcased their vibrant personalities, every frame radiated with the couple's infectious happiness.

Vendors from this wedding: 

Photographer: Haley Thuss - Photographer |  DJ: AK Productions DJ | Planner: The Paper Bride | Florist: Gray's Floral Market |  Makeup: katerinamariabeauty | Officiant: With This Ring  | Venue: Moorhouse Estates | Dress: Once Upon A Time Weddings | Mobile Bar: The Loaded Mule

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