Love has a way of bringing people together in the most unexpected and beautiful ways. Ashley and Brad's love story began at a Stag and doe for mutual friends, and little did they know that it would lead to a lifetime of happiness and cherished moments. On a picturesque September day, they exchanged vows on their own property, surrounded by their closest friends and family. Join us as we delve into the heartwarming moments and the deep love that defined Ashley and Brad's unforgettable wedding day.

The anticipation was palpable as Brad prepared to see his beautiful baby girl before walking down the aisle. A first look filled with emotion and love unfolded, creating a memory that Brad will cherish forever. Our expertly captured wedding videography ensures that this heartfelt moment will be etched in their hearts for years to come, a precious memory to share on his daughter's wedding day.

As Ashley prepared for her walk down the aisle, a special moment awaited her. A first look with her father, capturing the love, pride, and emotions that only a father can feel when seeing his little girl all grown up. Our wedding videography preserves this touching encounter, allowing Ashley and her father to relive the profound connection they share.

Surrounded by their two children and their closest friends and family, Ashley and Brad's wedding day radiated with love and laughter. The idyllic setting of their own property provided the perfect backdrop for this joyous celebration. Our wedding videography captures the heartfelt vows, the laughter, and the precious moments that unfolded throughout the day, ensuring that these memories will be treasured forever.

Vendors from this wedding: 

Photographer : Haley Thuss - Photographer | DJ : Derek Schwartzentruber | Florist : Flowers From The Ridge | Makeup : Darling Makeup & Hair | Officiant : Minister / Wedding Officiant - Rev. Joyce Arrand

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